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Global Warming: A Way for Al Gore to “Go Green”

Posted by garreson on December 29, 2008

This morning, on my way in to school, I was flipping around the stations, and I came across a woman talking about global warming. She was in the middle of a debate with the host of the show regarding the current issue in the realm of global preservation. I could tell the woman was insistent on her stance, but had very little scientific proof to back up her theories that human actions were causing the heating up of the Earth’s temperature. I’m not sure what tipped me off to this assumption. It may have been, she sounded like a guest star on an old episode of “Hee Haw”. Or, it could have been sentences she used such, “Global warmin isjuster  big ol rottern mess. We needsta quit emitten carburn dimoxide or whatevur those science folk call urt.”  I’m not sure. That might have been the deal breaker.

This woman strongly supported the theories of global warming, and was calling the host of the show uneducated ( takes one to know one) and closed minded for not believing in the theories. However, she could put forth no proof that such theories that have been presented by Al Gore and his resent movie are true. The only proof the woman could present was, how cold the winters were when she was a child, and there just weren’t winters like that anymore. This, I’m afraid is hardly scientific proof.
I personally am on the side of the host. I fully believe that the earth is and will continue to go through phases. However, it is not from the actions of humans. While it is important for us to be good stewards of what God has given us to oversee, it is very arrogant of us to think that any actions of ours could completely destroy an Earth that we could never create. Furthermore, I believe that it makes since to think that Earth is more probably in the middle of some sort of temperature fluctuation, rather than a planet destroying temperature alteration. There are plenty of cycles the earth goes through every year. They are these really scientific things called seasons. No one freaks out when it starts to get warmer in the spring, or when it starts to get colder in the fall. Who’s to say the Earth isn’t going through some Global season to balance itself out. But oh no, we in our infinite wisdom and faith in Al Gore, just know that Earth is heating up and going to blow up into oblivion.
An Inconvenient Truth, the movie produced by Mr. Gore continues to be refuted by climatologists all across the world, and further evidence of non-warming trends. Why just this summer, Alaska recorded its coldest summer ever. That sure sounds like global warming to me. Mr. Gore, here is the “inconvenient truth”. Many today are discussing ways to go green, and you conveniently found a way to “go green”. You found a way to go a billion dollars green. That’s real green.  Mr. Gore’s company, GIM, was specifically established to take advantage of new technologies and solutions related to combating global warming.  Not to mention the money he would make from the release of his documentary
Global warming is simply a money making ploy. So please, you liberals out there don’t call me the unenlightened one. You are the one that’s being dooped, so some goofball can make a buck.

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